Purple is a relatively bold choice for a dress, which is what makes it so beautiful and eye-catching. But finding the right pair of shoes to match might seem a little tricky. Here are a few guidelines to help you find some complementary hues.


Of course, the most predictable color choice is purple, but to pull this off, the shoes need to match with the dress exactly.


You usually can’t go wrong with black, but it can actually be a harsh contrast for some purple dresses. Save black shoes for casual dresses rather than formal ones.


Silver is a good choice for formal and semiformal purple dresses. Tie the look together with silver jewelry.


White will work with many casual purple dresses. Specifically, you are going to want to go with light canvas tennis shoes. If you can find purple laces that match the dress that would be a great color touch.

You can opt for white sandals but only if the dress is a light purple. If it’s dark or royal purple, you need to make another choice because the contrast will be too great.

White is usually considered more appropriate in summer than during any other season, but that guideline is no longer considered a rule.


Pink is a possibility, but only for those with a casual-style dress who are accessorizing a great deal with pink. A matching pink belt would help here as well. This is really a look that is going to be difficult for those over 40 to get away with wearing. There is one exception to this: a light-pink sandal paired with a light-purple, almost lilac, dress.