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The bold pink shade of raspberry makes an eye-catching choice for a dress. However, you might be puzzled when trying to decide what color shoe to wear with a raspberry dress. There are several stylish options, but with a dress this color, the shoes may not be the star of the show. Complement a sassy raspberry dress with an equally pretty shoe color, or go neutral and let the dress do all the talking.


Black is generally the go-to shoe color with any dress, and it will look great with raspberry. Pink and black combine for a naturally stunning color combination, and you can't go wrong mixing black shoes and a pink dress. However, this generally creates a dramatic look that would be best for winter or an evening look. If the dress is somewhat formal, black heels work. If your dress is cotton or otherwise casual, such as a sundress, wear black ballet flats to keep the look elegant and simple.


Add sparkle to a raspberry dress with metallic shoes in copper, gold or silver. Whether they are strappy sandals, pumps or wedges, metallics look chic with just about any color and will add some pizzazz to a pretty raspberry dress. A metallic shoe with added rhinestones or glitter embellishments pairs well with a raspberry dress for an evening look.


Pink with pink gives you a bright, bold look, and the best way to wear this style is to veer away from the obvious. Don't pick the same raspberry shade as your dress for your shoes. A pale pair of pink shoes will look pretty with a raspberry dress. Alternatively, complete the look with a pair of shoes in a shade of fuchsia. The contrast spice up the outfit without being overly matchy.


Pink and green can look amazing together. For a trendy look, switch things up a bit by wearing bright green shoes with your raspberry dress. The unexpected pop of color will create a candy-inspired look, and the bright colors will really make you stand out. This can be done with other bright colors such as blue or orange as well.