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A cobalt blue dress is a total showstopper for so many reasons. It's less-expected than a red or black dress. The cool, vibrant color is strong without being over-the-top. And, believe it or not, it pairs well with a variety of other colors. However, attempting to choose footwear for a cobalt blue dress is certainly not as easy as picking out shoes for a black dress. Take some fashion color hints and you'll see the simplicity in no time.


You probably have heard people say that blending certain shades of blue with black is a fashion "don't." Fortunately, this is an old method of dressing and no longer applies. For a striking, sophisticated contrast to your cobalt blue dress, a pair of black shoes anchors your look while adding a sleek, polished vibe to your ensemble. Pop on a pair of classic black pumps or step into a pair of strappy black high-heel sandals, and your look is truly complete.

Kelly Green

Green with a blue dress? Of course. Just take a look outside when the sky is looking deep and vibrant over a well manicured lawn. Whether in nature or at a party, a pair of kelly green heels works wonders when paired with a cobalt blue dress. Because you're working with two vivid colors, go with shoes that provide less coverage. For example, a pair of kitten-heel pumps or delicate ankle-strap, high-heel sandals adds a kick of color without overwhelming onlookers' eyes.


When it's not color you're after but a little extra glitz and glamour to add to your get-up, go with a neutral but make sure it reflects a ton of light. Your go-to shoes for a dose of sparkle are metallic pumps. Since your cobalt dress provides enough color, choose a metallic shoe that offers shine without added color. Imagine you're wearing a cobalt blue sheath dress. Finish the look with metallic silver or gold pumps for a dazzling effect.

Brown and Black

A casual cobalt blue dress calls for an equally laid-back pairing when it comes to your footwear. Skip anything that incorporates bling and lean instead toward more natural, toned-down colors such as brown and black. However, rather than choosing one or the other, add some subtle interest by combining these two neutrals in a pair of leopard-print shoes. From strappy wedges to simple flats, leopard print looks modern and chic for day-to-day wear.