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It can seem like a tricky shade, but when you treat navy like the neutral color it is, matching becomes all the easier! Like black, white and tan shades, navy can be paired with many bright colors and patterns. So when choosing what shoes to pair with a navy dress, remember there are several options and only a few things to avoid!

Defining the Dress

The style of your dress, more than any other element, defines your shoe choice. If you're planning on wearing your navy dress in a professional setting, consider wearing a heel in the same color way. When shoes match a dress, the single color line has a slimming and lengthening effect on your overall look. Further, a single color line directs the eye to your face, which is the area at which most effective business communication takes place. You look polished, businesslike and attentive when shoes do not distract from your overall appearance. For evening events or parties, the options are nearly limitless!

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Consider the Color Wheel

On the color wheel, which is used by artists and designers to define color combinations, complementary colors are those that are opposite one another on the wheel and are considered to be especially pleasing when placed next to one another. Orange is navy blue's complementary color and makes navy pop, but so do several other colors that are close to orange like pink, yellow and red. For example, consider a yellow suede strappy sandal for an evening look or a red slide for daytime. Analogous colors are the colors that are next to one another on the wheel. Turquoise, Kelly green and mint are all analogous colors to navy on the wheel and would pair well with a navy dress. Green suede sandals or mint green Mary-Janes would be great accessories to a navy dress.

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Going Neutral

Beige, cream and brown all pair fabulously with navy and lend themselves to both day and evening. Brown and tan shoes can give navy a casual vibe that works well for a day look. If you'd like to play up the nautical look, consider wearing a neutral shoe like beige, white or even a stripe. Many fashion authorities have shied away from condoning the combination of navy and black, but for a confident fashion enthusiast, black and navy rules go out the window.

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Gold, Silver and Bronze

Metallics pair incredibly well with navy because they adds a little edge to a relatively conservative, minimal color. Whether day or night, a metallic accent can add a bit of fun to your look. For a nighttime look, consider a gold or silver sandal with woven details or ankle straps. For daytime, keep it flat and minimal.