Decorative flat lay composition with cosmetics and flowers. Top view

Ivory is a cooler variation of cream with a bluish undertone but can range into brown, depending on the particular manufacturer. Popular for wedding dresses and formals, ivory is a neutral color that looks great with other cool or neutral tones. Depending on your skin tone, ivory clothing coordinates with blue, pink, magenta and brown. Try to avoid wearing yellow undertones with ivory, because the blue touches might make you look a little sallow or green.


Cool, pale pink looks romantic and sensual with ivory. For a bit more pizazz, try a blue-based fuschia lipstick or blush, but not on the eyes. A little pink goes a long way when paired with a basic tone such as ivory. Pale pink also looks great on nails when paired with ivory clothing.


A thorough palette of brown colors is a must for ivory. Ivory can range from the familiar cream color to Pantone's brown-based "Ivory Cream." Brown is a useful neutral that can add definition and shadow to the face. Try dark-brown eyeliner with ivory, rather than black; black or charcoal can seem harsh against the cool freshness of ivory.


Blue is a good match for ivory but must be used sparingly. As many amateur makeup artists know, too much blue eyeshadow or eyeliner brings back memories of the 80s. Although some may want that look, most people opt for a more modern appearance. Pale blue used to accent the eye is charming for weddings, especially if the dress has blue-toned pearls or sequins.


This rich, deep red looks robust and earthy with ivory. Avoid magenta tones that have a warm base and favor the blue tones. For lips, this is a sexy take on the siren red of yesteryear. Magenta also works wonders on the cheeks, giving them a grown-up glow rather than the girly effect of pink blush.