Makeup Tips for Dark Hair and Fair Skin

A creamy complexion with raven hair looks dramatic in the best way possible. Here are some makeup tips to accentuate this beautiful contrast.


Eye makeup depends on eye color. For brown eyes, create contrast with green eye shadow. For blue eyes, opt for smoky greys and browns. For green eyes, blue shades add drama. You can also match the specks of other hues in your eyes. For example, brown eyes with a hint of gold look gorgeous with golden eye shadow.

To create a dark, sultry look, apply black or dark brown eyeliner along the upper lash line, then apply shadow along the same line, blending slightly upwards. For a fresher wide-eyed look, sweep a lighter, brighter shadow along the whole top lid, and apply a thin lick of eyeliner just along the top lash line. Finish up with a couple coats of mascara for both looks.


To emphasize cheekbones, choose a shade that's pretty close to your skin tone, and sweep it just on the apples of your cheeks. If you have a reddish undertone, stick with a more neutral hue and avoid rosy colors. If you have a yellowish undertone, a rosy blush helps neutralize your overall tone.


For lips, a deep burgundy or red adds another lovely contrast to porcelain skin. If a girl-next-door look is more your style, line your lips with a pencil that matches your natural lip color and finish it off with a tinted gloss.

Skin Care

Protecting your complexion is super important for fair-skinned beauties. All the makeup in the world cannot completely cover or repair damage from the sun and other elements. Wear sunscreen every day in addition to your regular skincare routine.