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On a dressing table full of contours, highlights, and everything in between, blush is still the unsung hero. With just a sweep of a brush, blush will bring light to your face, adding fullness or definition depending on where you place it. Blush adds contrast after the application of a base, while also complementing bare skin just as nicely. Reach for your blush to make your face look full and score a youthful glow.

Select a blush to suit your skin tone. Use a pale pink blush with a satin finish. Pale blush draws light to the cheek to draw it forward and add plumpness, while dark blush recedes to add definition. A satin finish adds natural luminosity to skin and blends easier than matte products.

Swirl a fluffy blush brush into the blush pan. Tap the brush three times on the edge of the pan to remove excess powder.

Smile to make the apples of your cheeks more prominent. The apples are the rounded portion of your cheeks that lifts as you smile. Defining them will instantly add fullness.

Position the brush directly on the left cheek, and swirl it in a counterclockwise circular motion. Keep the brush on the apple without moving it upward or towards your ear, as this will slim the face. Repeat on your other cheek.


Stand in natural lighting when applying blush to avoid a harsh result.

Apply an extra layer of blush if you are working on bare skin, as it absorbs the powder faster than skin that already has a layer of foundation.