What Make Up Should I Use for a Navy Dress?

By Paula Bogas

A navy blue dress is often a smart choice when you want to wear something dark and flattering, but are not interested in wearing black. The important thing is to match your make-up to the nature of the occasion. If you are wearing a navy dress to a wake or a job interview, you want to appear conservatively dressed and your make-up should not sport glitter or be overly done. Your make-up may be bolder and more attention-grabbing if you are wearing the navy dress at a formal evening event. Navy blue dresses can be elegant and understated, or bold and imaginative. Your makeup can reflect either look.

Various eye shadows with brush applicator
credit: Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Getty Images
A contrasting color palette is important to enhance a navy blue dress.

Daytime Make-up

Step 1

Apply foundation. A warm or cool foundation enhances your skin tones and covers any imperfections and skin impurities. This is the base step of your navy blue dress makeup regime. If you are using a mineral-based powder makeup, use the brushes to smooth the foundation onto your skin. A creme-based foundation is smoothed on with your fingertips. You want to be sure that you add a light layer of the foundation to your eyelids, as this will help eye shadow stay in place.

Step 2

Draw a thin line with your eyeliner across your top lid for daytime wear. Start at the inside corner of your eye and follow the edge of your eyelashes very closely. Use a brown, grey or neutral eyeliner since you want to contrast your eyes subtly with the dress.

Step 3

Apply eye shadow in a neutral, light pink or beige shade. You want to highlight your eyes without drawing attention to them. The dress is the most important part of your outfit and you want it to be front and center. Finish with a light brush of navy blue mascara on your top lashes to pick up the color of the dress. Use a light color or neutral lipstick to finish your look and you're ready for any daytime occasion.

Evening Makeup

Step 4

Apply foundation. For an evening look, add a blusher over your foundation with a make-up brush. Since your dress is navy, a cool blusher with hints of silvery shimmer swiped across the top of your cheekbones will augment the blue of the dress.

Womans eye closed
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Bold contrasting shadows complement a navy blue dress.

Step 5

Draw the eyeliner over the top and under the eyelids. This enhanced attention to your eyes is appropriate for evening and supplies the base for a smoky-eyed look. Use a brown, or even navy eyeliner to pick up the color of the dress and supplement your color scheme.

Step 6

Create smoldering eyes with dramatic gold, grey or brown shadows. Do not use a navy shadow, but work in contrasting colors. Brush a silvery nude at the brow line to increase the contrast, brighten up, and enlarge your eyes.

Step 7

Finish with an application of navy mascara to upper and lower eyelashes. Use a brighter and bolder lipstick in reds or plums to finish your look. Your navy blue dress will then be completely complemented by your make-up and not overwhelmed, giving you an outstanding evening look.