Makeup Ideas for Blue Dresses

Blue dresses may not be as iconic as their red or black counterparts, but the hue can be just as bold or subdued. With the right makeup that complements the color of the dress as well as the color of your eyes and skin, you can create a really lovely look. Shades of blues, browns and plums work best with blue dresses.

For the Eyes

If your dress is navy or a darker blue, consider eye shadow shades in browns, golds or dark blues. If your dress is a lighter blue, try shades of pink, white or sky blue. Avoid matching your dress to an identical shade of eye shadow, which can look like a costume.

After applying foundation or concealer to cover any blemishes on your face, add a layer of foundation to your lids to help eye shadow stay in place. Using an angled brush, apply a layer of eye shadow, starting from the inside corner of your eye and up to the crease.

Line the eyes with a navy blue, brown or black pencil liner. Black or brown liner looks best with blue or light-colored eyes, and navy liner looks best with darker eyes. Finish with a few swipes of navy or black mascara.

For the Lips

Dresses that are a darker shade of blue call for lipstick in warm, deep reds or plums. For dresses that are powder blue, sky blue or periwinkle, pale pinks or nudes look best. Line lips with a shade similar to your chosen lip color. Then use a lip brush to fill in with lipstick, or apply directly from the tube. Blend your liner and lip color with a brush. For a shiny, kissable look, add a clear layer of lip gloss.

Final Touches

Add a splash of blush to the apples of your cheeks. A darker blue dress works well with plums or rich blush shades, and a lighter blue dress is best with shades of pink or rose blush.

Apply a sweep of shimmery nude highlighter to the brow bone and inside corners of the eyes. Finish with a light dusting of powder all over the face to set makeup.