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While brown remains the most common eye color in the world, the range of shades within the brown family is wide and nuanced. Light brown eyes have a honey or amber color that warms up the face. Pair those stunning eyes with warm, smoky colors and inviting peach tones for instant glamour.

Warm up your honey eyes in the daytime by sweeping a light, toffee colored eyeshadow across your eyelid up to the crease. Opt for a shadow with hints of gold or copper to bring out the gold in your irises. Dip an angled brush into the same eyeshadow and sweep the color along your bottom lash line to add subtle definition and a hint of shimmer.

Apply a dark brown cream or gel eyeliner to your top lash line. The dark brown creates a slightly gentler daytime look and mimics your eye color. Use small dash strokes to apply the eyeliner in a thin, even line from just inside your iris to the end of your eyelid, working the product as close to the lashes as possible. Finish off with some black mascara on the top lashes.


Wake up your eyes by applying a small dab of golden eyeshadow on the inner corner of each eye and just underneath your eyebrows. Blend into your skin with a small blending brush for a luminous glow.

Every eye color needs a smoky, entrancing nighttime look that brings out the natural hue. Bring out the bright warmth of honey eyes by applying some fellow, smoky earth tones. These shades help light eyes pop by pointing out the rich golden undertones.

Sweep a deep, shimmery peach or terra cotta eyeshadow across your eyelid and smudge a bit of the color up into the crease. Dip a blending brush into a light chocolate brown with gold flecks and blend the color into the outer corner of your eye and into the crease using small windshield wiping motions until completely blended.

Dip the small blending brush into a dark coffee color eyeshadow and blend this color over the light brown color to create a deep, subtle gradient of smoky color. To create a darker, more dramatic look, apply an extra layer of the dark coffee brown focusing most of the attention on the crease, which builds dimension.

Dip an angled brush into the dark coffee color and sweep the color along your bottom lash line, smudging the color into the lashes for a smoky effect. Line your top lash line with a dark brown, cream pencil, beginning just to the inside of your iris. Make the line slightly thicker when you reach the outside edge of your iris to focus attention outward and create a full, smoky lash line. You can opt to flick the liner up and out at the outer corner for a subtle cat eye. Finish the look with some black volumizing mascara on the top lashes to create a full lash line.


  • Warm peach and coral blushes complement honey eyes and create a youthful glow. 
  • Pair a dark smoky eye with a soft, nude pink lipstick for a classic take on cocktail hour.
  • Swap out brown eyeliner for a cobalt blue. The rich tone of the cobalt complements the honey color for a modern twist on the cat eye.