Woman fashion with black purse handbag with high heels shoes.

The burgundy dress, much like a fine red wine, never goes out of style. It's deep hue communicates subtle, yet undeniable power. Finding a shoe that pairs well with a rich color like burgundy, can be a bit tricky. The goal is to find footwear that either matches the color or shoes that accentuate the dress by contrast. Here are some go-to shoe colors that work perfectly with a burgundy dress.

Chocolate Brown

If you're looking for a way to enhance the rich berry tones of your dress, draw inspiration from nature; pair with an earthy brown shoe. If your dress is casual, such as a simple round-neck or a three-quarter-sleeve shift, try a pair of brown leather booties to give you a sleek bu not super fancy look. Opt for a minimalist pair to keep it simple, or lace-ups with a pyramid heel for an edgier style.


Going dark with your dress doesn't mean you have to follow suit with your footwear. Cream colored shoes are a great option for day-time events, such as a garden party or outside get together. This bright, yet classy color is an excellent contrast of dark and light tones.


Attempting to find a pair of burgundy shoes that match your dress exactly can be challenging, and if you're crunched for time getting them dyed might not be an option. If you're short on time and want a matching color that works with burgundy, oxblood is a great option that won't clash or compete with the dress' color. Try a pair of leather ankle boots with stiletto heels or pointy-toe flats.


You've probably heard over and over, "When in doubt, choose black." This mantra is repeated so regularly because black shoes work with (nearly) every look. Whichever fabric you choose, black is a fail-safe, sexy, option, that will effortlessly pull your ensemble together.