What Color Shoes Would Look Nice With a Burgundy Colored Dress?

By Tarah Damask

Whether it evokes visions of berries or wine, your burgundy dress's deep, sultry hue creates a rich, strong appearance that calls for some serious thought when selecting your shoes. Your goal, of course, is to find footwear that blends in with the saturated color of your frock or that adds just enough contrast to enhance the color. By selecting according to your personal taste and the occasion, your medley of choices is varied and super-accessible.

credit: Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Madeline Brewer wears black shoes with her burgundy dress at "The Big Knife" Broadway opening in New York City in 2013.

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Deep Brown

When you're looking for a way to enhance the deep, berry-inspired tone of your burgundy dress, draw inspiration from nature. Visualize deep wine-hued berries hanging from trees and shrubs with deep brown branches, and go from there. Particularly if you're donning a more casual burgundy dress, such as a simple round-neck, three-quarter-sleeve shift, a pair of deep brown leather booties offers your look a sleek yet not-too-dressy finish. Opt for a minimalist pair, or lace-ups with a pyramid heel for an edgier take.


Going dark with your dress doesn't mean you have to follow suit with your footwear. Whether you've just pulled on a flowy, halter-style burgundy dress for a spring garden party or if your frock has a touch of cream-hued detailing, like embroidery or piping, work with the theme of light versus dark when choosing your shoes. Slide your feet into a pair of cream peep-toe heels for a ladylike approach to styling your dress.


Attempting to find a pair of burgundy shoes that match your dress exactly can be quite a challenge, and you might not have time to have a pair of satin shoes dyed to match. However, when you're looking for shoes that blend well with your burgundy get-up, a pair of oxblood leather shoes reflects the deep red tones of burgundy without causing clashing or competition. Reach for a pair of leather ankle boots with stiletto heels or sweet, pointy-toe flats for a well-matched solution.


You probably have heard over and over, "When in doubt, choose black." This mantra is repeated so regularly because black shoes work with nearly every look. Envision yourself in a burgundy sheath dress. Your look is already sexy and calls for an equally sleek shoe. Slide your feet into a pair of black pumps or simple ankle-strap, high-heel sandals for a solid, chic way to anchor your outfit. While matte leather or satin will work, black patent leather adds an extra pop of interest to your already strong ensemble.