Burgundy is almost always on trend since it looks so flattering on men and women of all skin tones. That’s why it continually finds its way to autumn fashion runways. This deep reddish hue adds visual warmth to your outfit, but is more eye-catching than your go-to brown. Here’s how to mix and match burgundy with complementary shades.

A More Intense Look

Look at color wheel to see what makes burgundy stand out. Since burgundy is in the red family, opposites on the color wheel, like  greens and blues, intensify it in the best way possible. Turquoise is a pretty shade of green to pair with a brighter shade of burgundy. Hunter green creates a more understated look. Denim really lights up next to burgundy, too.

Keep It Looking Elegant

For a polished look, wear burgundy with analogous colors, which are next to it on the color wheel. A burgundy shirt would look stunning with a deep pink bag or deep brown leather jacket. The similar tones in these colors are pleasing to the eye and look sophisticated. Accent them with dazzling bright tones of gold and yellow.

A Monochromatic Look

Going monochromatic with burgundy can look very cool. A men’s suit in a muted burgundy is stylish and a little bit different. Ryan Gosling pulled it off in the movie “Crazy Stupid Love”—he wore a burgundy suit and white dress shirt, accented with a gold handkerchief. A very dark burgundy shirt with a light pink handkerchief works well, too. Women can do the same with a solid burgundy dress, using a purse, shoes, belt, and jewelry to work in other colors.

Burgundy as an Accent Color

Burgundy works with a wide range of colors as an accent—a little goes a long way. For understated shades like charcoal gray, black, white, and brown, burgundy adds a beautiful color pop. A burgundy tie or shirt with a gray suit or a burgundy neck scarf with a women’s black pantsuit looks timeless.