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Burgundy allows you to add visual warmth to your wardrobe when you don't want to rely on browns and golden tones. Work this deep reddish hue into outfits for both men and women.

A More Intense Look

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Look to complementary colors on the color wheel to make your burgundy item stand out. Since burgundy is in the red family, opposites on the color wheel, such as greens and blues, add a pop of intensity. Turquoise is a suitable hue of green for a brighter shade of burgundy, while hunter green offers a more understated look. Plus, denim really lights up next to burgundy.

Keep It Looking Elegant

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You can create a more put-together appearance by pairing burgundy with analogous colors -- which are next to it on the color wheel. Add a deep pink bag or deep brown leather jacket to your burgundy shirt. The similar color pairing is pleasing to the eye and gives you a sophisticated look. Add some dazzle with the bright tones of gold and yellow as accents.

Looking a Little Monochromatic

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Depending on the clothing, you may be able to pull of a monochromatic outfit with burgundy. A men's suit in a muted burgundy is stylish and a little bit different. Ryan Gosling pulled the style off in the movie "Crazy Stupid Love," in which he wore a burgundy suit and white dress shirt, accented with a gold handkerchief. You can also opt for a very dark burgundy shirt and light pink handkerchief. Women can do the same with a dress, using a purse, shoes, belt, and jewelry to work in other colors.

Burgundy as an Accent Color

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Burgundy works with a wide range of colors as an accent -- a little bit can go a long way. Consider using burgundy as that pop of color for more understated shades -- like charcoal gray, black, white and brown. A burgundy tie or shirt is the perfect accent underneath a gray suit. A burgundy neck scarf is the ultimate accent for a woman's pant suit.