Woman in taupe pants and nautical striped top

Taupe is a neutral color that is easy to mix and match with all sorts of colors and patterns. Taupe comes in light to dark shades, and it has a gray undertone that has been referred to as "greige" in the fashion world. Taupe looks washed out when paired with the wrong colors, so know the effect you want as you play around with separates to find a flattering balance of color combination and style.

Pairing Taupe Pants With Pastels

Put together a soft, neutral look by using pastel colors and taupe. The darker the taupe pants, the lighter pastel top you want to use. The reverse applies; lighter pants balance better with darker pastels. Seafoam, lavender and lilac, light yellow, turquoise and coral tones work well with taupe. Blend these colors to achieve a light and effortless look that works well in spring and summer.

Use Jewel Tones to Make Taupe Pop

Pair taupe with bright and dazzling jewel tones like emerald, ruby red and sapphire blue to give a striking and bold contrast to your look. Jewel tones can be overwhelming, but using taupe pants as a neutral factor balances the rich colors that bring a subtle edginess to your look.

Vibrant Patterns and Taupe Pants

Because taupe is such a simple color on its own, a bold pattern with deep and vibrant hues can provide the perfect contrast. Try nautical stripes in neon shades, floral pastels or bright checks and windowpane prints to set off the neutral taupe. Match your shoes to one of the colors in the print. Keep accessories to a minimum, but make the ones you choose eye catching. Pair big hoop earrings and a ring with a large stone, or go with a statement necklace in a color featured in the print of the top with some small hoops or stud earrings.

Taupe With Black, White and Yellow

Taupe paired with black and stark white gives a clean, businesslike and commanding feel to any outfit. Try a white shirt with a black blazer and black shoes with your taupe pants, or take your style profile up a notch with a black-and-white patterned top. An animal print adds pizzazz, while still looking polished and not overdone, especially if you keep your hair and makeup soft. If you want to draw attention to your look, add bright yellow to the mix. Yellow pops against the taupe, white and black and adds a young, fun presence to the entire outfit.