Fashion Show catwalk

Captivate an audience and showcase your designs by developing a fashion show with a cohesive theme. While every design featured in your show should have its own individual look, a fashion show theme can pull the collection together. Showcase the unity and commonality in your collection by setting a theme for your next fashion show.

Let the season be your guide as you select a theme. Subtle seasonal inspirations set the mood for your fashion show. If your collection features designs from just one season, let your theme reflect the season -- even if it doesn't match the season outdoors.

  • Winter: Create a crisp, winter white theme with a white runway and cool, icy blue lighting. Work in some faux fur, leather and rich textiles. Accessorize your models with winter accessories, including chic scarves and hats.
  • Spring: Spring signals a new beginning, so opt for a nature-inspired fashion show. Earth tones -- greens, taupes and browns -- along with floral decor create a serene, natural setting. 
  • Summer: Embrace color -- and a touch of fun -- for a summer-themed fashion show. Decorate your venue with bold tropical hues of coral, turquoise and gold. Let your models strut to upbeat music, and adorn them in colorful turquoise jewelry, or tuck a tropical flower behind their ears. Opt for bold, colorful makeup, including shocking pink lips.
  • Fall: Create a rustic fashion show theme for fall looks. Surround your runway with oversized vases filled with branches drenched in twinkling lights. Embrace patterns and rich fabrics in your designs: velvet, velour, damask and brocade.

If a color palette inspired your collection, carry that inspiration through to your fashion show theme. You have a couple of choices when using color as your fashion show theme inspiration.

Turn to your source of inspiration to dictate your fashion show theme. Perhaps your designs were inspired by an era of fashion or culture. Embrace all that the era represents by choosing a fashion show theme that centers on the decade.

For example, a relaxed, Bohemian collection reflects the hippie-fueled 1960s. Adorn models in feather hair clips or headbands, styling their hair in soft braids or long, loose styles. Incorporate denim, leather and even a splash of tie-dye to add some peace and love to your fashion show.


When celebrating a specific era of fashion during your show, incorporate some music from the decade as well to set the tone for your event.