Boho girls walking in the city

While '60s mod fashion highlighted bright colors, huge buttons and knee-high boots, a vibrant counterculture blossomed all the way into the 1970s. Young people around the world embraced a life of "turn on, tune in, drop out", a hippie philosophy that shone through in flowing fabrics, warm colors and beaded accessories. These fashions still influence wardrobes , and you can repurpose many of your style staples for a touch of flower child in your daily routine.

The bright mini dresses of the '60s were a style must. Mini dresses still rule the world of summer wardrobes. Look for a short, cotton, wide-sleeved dress in a vibrant color or a playful paisley pattern. If you have a simple black or white cotton dress or a playful romper, these can be accessorized for a touch of hippie beauty.

Put on a braided brown leather belt and add some flat gladiator sandals to the mix. Bring out the flower child spirit in any dress with a fringed vest and a few long dangling pendant necklaces. Add an oversize leather or fabric satchel purse in a vibrant color to complete this simple yet bohemian look.


To bring a hippie vibe to your wardrobe focus on the cut of the dresses you buy. Cuts inspired by the '60s include bell sleeves, high necklines and tie-string waistlines.

Nothing says spirited and independent like a fantastic pair of jeans. The bell-bottom look of the '60s and '70s can look modern and fresh today. Opt for a faded wash denim with a boot cut or a slight flare.

Top off the jeans with a white cotton peasant top with embroidery details. To make the look slightly more modern, opt for a more fitted peasant top with black or gray embroidery. An asymmetrical cut or some playful flouncing along the top also creates a bohemian vibe without looking dated.

Add a handful of bangles or long, dangling earrings for a touch of feminine bohemia. Wear some old-fashioned leather boots or chunky leather sandals for a down-to-earth yet strong and modern style statement.

The modern music festival circuit shows how versatile a pair of shorts can be. Worn-in denim shorts instantly create a wild child aesthetic. Alternatively, some A-line shorts in a rich brown or deep blue with a flirty bit of volume at the bottom create a feminine '60s finish with a modern twist.

Top off the shorts with a paisley or floral print tank top, a medallion belt and some aviator sunglasses to look fresh and hippie all at once. Up the ante and top off this summery look with a lacy, sheer kaftan and a fringed purse for an all-out nod to the '60s.


Adding hippie inspiration to your look means picking out interesting textile textures. Lace, corduroy and vibrant hand-woven fabrics add a bohemian edge to any piece or ensemble.

Maxi dresses are a warm-weather staple and flatter nearly any figure. These little gems also happen to have the feminine hippie aesthetic built into their fibers. Tie a colorful scarf around your waist to serve as a playful belt and add some lace-up sandals to the mix.

Capture the spirit of the '60s with a wide-brimmed hat and a lace shawl around your shoulders for a cooler evening. Alternatively, add a colorful headband along your hairline or a large flower barrette in your hair. Any of these accessories can be swapped around and worn singly or all together to add an edge to that maxi dress waiting for a moment to shine.


Play with accessories. Long necklaces, dangling earrings, flowery headbands, and scarves add that '60s and '70s bohemian look to basic pieces in your wardrobe.