'80s prom photo
'80s Prom

Electronic music, bright colors and voluminous hair were some of the best(?) parts of the 1980s. The retro '80s high school prom look lives on as a pop culture reference—proof positive that this was an unforgettable fashion era. Guys in pastel tuxedos with frilly ruffled shirts, girls with whole cans of hairspray coating teased locks—it was all so bad but so good. Which is why the '80s theme party is still alive today. Here's how to embrace your inner '80s kid—and maybe even win prom queen.

The 80s Prom Party:

The Prom King and Queen

For the ‌Pretty in Pink‌ vintage 80s look, you've got to have the biggest hair, fanciest footwear and coordinating colorful ensembles, of course. Everything teal, tule and taffeta rule the 90s prom dress costume.

As the prom queen, your hair should be teased to perfection and almost as big as the bow-embellished puffy sleeves on your 80s prom dress. Formal dresses should feature a sleeveless or halter neckline, slim bodice and princess skirt that hits just at the mid-calf or floor. Bonus points for ruffles, sequins and polka dots. Bright berry-pink lipstick, frosted blue eye shadow and white pumps finish this quintessential outfit.

For guys, a powder blue or white tuxedo is priceless. Add an oversized bow tie and ruffled tuxedo shirt to make an even bigger statement. Complete the look with a matching cummerbund and white dress shoes.

The Rebels

If you're a rocker or rebel at heart, look to Madonna for inspiration. Anchor your ensemble with black fishnet tights or long sleeves, a racy strapless bustier, and a short, ruffled skirt–- making a fashionable mini dress. Accessorize with lots of layered chain necklaces, black ankle boots and dark, heavy makeup.

Guys should choose a more cutting-edge tux style, like a waist-length Spencer jacket. This statement tux is black or white with a bow tie and matching vest. Trendy '80s basketball sneakers or cowboy boots add to the bad-boy persona.

The New Wave Kids

The new wave 80s outfit is inspired by the futuristic style. Amp up a black party dress with touches of neon or a black-and-white checkered print. Slip on some classic black pumps or lace-up ankle booties. Apply some bold eye shadow and extend it past the eyelid in a bright fuchsia streak across the temples. Finish with neon pink or true red lipstick.

Guys should dress up in an all black tuxedo accessorized with matching Wayfarer sunglasses and a swipe of black eyeliner is perfect.