Madonna In Concert During Confessions Tour
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When Madonna's hit song "Holiday" took over the radio in 1983, her style inspired wardrobes everywhere. Always the trendsetter, Madonna embraced eclectic styles of the 1980s but never settled for just one. She managed to combine bright, mysterious and feminine pieces to create a look that was all her own. Dangling earrings and ballerina skirts couldn't keep her from belting her heart out, and they paired well with her original dance routines. Embrace your inner material girl for your next costume party or daring moment with Madonna's 1980s look.

Live to Tulle

While Madonna's hair was bigger than ever in the 1980s, it was rivaled only by her skirts. Look for tulle skirts with hemlines that land just above the knee. She favored black and white, so that she could play with color in the rest of her outfit. If you can't find a tulle skirt, throw on a crinoline lining, often found at dance shops, underneath an A-line skirt to add volume. Stay comfortable by adding a pair of black or fishnet leggings.

Give Me All Your Neon

The '80s were a colorful decade for fashion, and Madonna embraced the neon trend. Look for oversized sweatshirts in lime green and fluorescent pink with an off-the-shoulder cut. For a more subtle look, pair a sheer neon top over a black tank. Madonna also incorporated neon into her beauty aesthetic. Sweep a bright powder eye shadow just beneath your brow bone, matched with a vibrant pink lip. Add some temporary pink hair dye to the ends of your locks to top things off.

Who's That Girl in Lingerie?

Madonna incorporated lingerie and boudoir-inspired pieces into her stage wardrobe. Don a corset with a cone bra and metallic-gold finish to recreate her iconic look from the Blonde Ambition tour. To dress things down a bit, pair a lace bodysuit with a tulle skirt for a ballet-inspired look. Update the '80s look -- as Madonna has done -- with a black cone-shaped bra over a buttoned-up white shirt and tie.

Material Girl

Madonna's accessories alone could change the entire direction of her look from delicate to rebellious. Throw on one earring featuring a cross or star detailing. Tie your hair back with a wide ribbon, placing the bow at the top of your head. Pile your hair under a newsboy cap on bad hair days. Pull on a pair of elbow-length lace gloves and pile studded cuffs on over your wrists.