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A 1960s party can bring back a lot of memories from this tumultuous era. The 1960s saw drastic revolution and change, so you’ll have a variety of costume ideas to choose from. If you have a 1960s-themed party coming up, try one of these costume ideas and you'll look like an image from the past.

Cute Early '60s Look

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For an early 1960s look, try throwing on a bouffant style dress, which was popular at this time. The bouffant style is a knee-length dress that is tight in the top, then puffs out at the waist. Pair this look with a beehive and you have a hip early-'60s look. Search vintage shops or costume stores to find this style of dress.

Male Hippie

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For guys, revive that hippie revolution by wearing a long-haired wig. If you have long hair, wear it down. Pair it with some ripped-up and worn jeans, an open button-up shirt and aviator shades. Flash the peace sign all night and enjoy bringing your peaceful message to the party.

Go-Go Girl

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The go-go girl look starting emerging around the mid-1960s and is a cute look for a '60s theme. Go-go dresses were short, and were either sleeveless or long-sleeved. The fabric was typically bright and featured polka dots or a paisley pattern. Knee-high boots are a must for this costume, along with dramatic fake eyelashes and a thick plastic headband to complete the look.

Boy Band

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For an early-'60s boy band look, think The Beatles, and wear a simple, collarless black suit with a white shirt underneath. The hairstyle should be a simple bowl cut. Purchase fake instruments from your local costume shop to tie the look together. This costume can be great to do with three other guys to complete your 1960s boy band.

Female Hippie

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Girls can join in on the hippie look easily. Allow hair to flow naturally and add a few small braids. Throw on a tank top and a vest with fringe along with some worn bell-bottom jeans. You can also wear a long flowing skirt with a tank top. Add aviator shades and put a daisy in your hair for a more authentic look.

Body Art

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If the weather is warm enough and you are comfortable in a bikini and body paint, you can use Goldie Hawn's iconic look from "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In." Put on a basic bikini in a bright, solid color and have a friend help paint anti-war slogans and peace signs all over your body. This costume is also hilarious for a guy to wear.

Presidential Look

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For a presidential look, you can dress up like one of the famous presidents of the 1960s. Don a dark blue suit and comb your hair to the side to go as John F. Kennedy. If you are a couple, the girl can go as Jackie O-think tweed jackets and A-line skirts. If you want to embody Richard Nixon, head to your local costume shop and get a fake long nose, don a black suit and slick your hair back. You can also buy the popular Nixon mask.

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