How to Make Normal Clothes Look Like '80s

By Christi Aldridge

The '80s were a time of fashion risks. Bright colors were mixed with chunky jewelry, parachute pants and shoulder pads to create a look that made the decade unforgettable. The '80s are back in style, and adding a little bit of the neon decade to your everyday look shouldn't be difficult. If you're really devoted, perm your hair to complete the look.

Simply turning up your collar can add instant '80s style.

Step 1

Cut up your jeans. Ripped jeans, made famous by musicians such as Jon Bon Jovi, are a definite nod to the decade. For a little more of a throwback, pin safety pins through the holes and rips.

Step 2

Sew big shoulder pads into blazers and jackets. The bigger, the better. Extreme shoulder pads were worn by women on popular shows such as "Dynasty."

Step 3

Put on some leg warmers. Leg warmers were meant to be part of an aerobic workout look but crossed over to become everyday items. Leg warmers can be scrunched down over tight jeans or worn with a skirt and high heels.

Step 4

Pile on jewelry. Rubber jelly bracelets, oversize earrings in geometric shapes and chunky necklaces were a big part of '80s fashion.

Step 5

Flip up the collar on a polo shirt. Polo shirts, mostly in light shades of pink, green, blue and yellow, were very popular. However, this look was not complete without a turned up collar to signal your coolness.

Step 6

Remove your sleeves. For men, muscle shirts were a big look. Show off your arms with the sleeveless look.

Step 7

Tie on a bolo tie or skinny leather tie, for men or women. These interesting ties were very fashionable in the '80s.

Step 8

Cut the collar out of a sweatshirt, paying homage to the epic '80s movie, "Flashdance." Pull the sweatshirt off of one shoulder and wear it with leggings or jeans. While you are at it, fold the cuffs of your jeans up a little bit. The cuffed look was very in.

Step 9

Add some color. Bright colors such as neon pink, green, orange and yellow were very popular. Bright colors still evoke a wave of '80s nostalgia.