Women's fashion is so fun for its variety. There are shirt styles for every occasion and every type of woman. Here are some of our faves.


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The blouse is common for work and even everyday errands. It almost always has a collar and either buttons completely down the front or at the top half. Blouses can be long- or short-sleeved for different seasons or occasions.



Camisoles are really cozy for sleeping in, but '90s style made it okay to wear them out. A cami can be made from a simple fabric like cotton or silk, and it can be worn under anything from sweaters to suit jackets. Depending on the fabric, cut and style, the camisole can sometimes be worn on its own.

Spaghetti-Strap Top

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Similar to the cami, a spaghetti-strap top has very thin straps and can be worn on its own or with a light sweater or a shrug. Pair it with jeans, shorts and skirts for a sexy summer look.

Tank Top


The tank top is great as activewear as well as for a casual look with jeans. A true classic!



Speaking of classic, nothing is more so than the good old T-shirt. There's a reason why the phrase "jeans and a T-shirt" flows so readily from our fashion vocab—it's the easiest and most comfortable combo for women to throw on and still look fantastic. Accessorize as much or as little as you want.


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The tunic is a loose-fitting and often silky, flowing garment that hangs below the waist, sometimes to the knees. The tunic can be worn with pants or a skirt, or as a beach cover-up. Its history goes back to ancient Greece, but modern women can't resist its easy, breezy look and feel.


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