Women’s fashion has such a great variety of choices in all types of clothing. The shirt is no different; there is a style for every occasion and fashion sense. There are shirts for professional settings, a night out, exercising or just something casual to wear around the house.


The blouse is a common shirt for women to wear, especially in a professional setting. The blouse almost always has a collar and either buttons completely in the front, or it can have partial buttoning with the bottom of the blouse being one piece of fabric. This type of shirt can also be long- or short-sleeved for different seasons or occasions.


This versatile article of clothing is most often used as a sleeping garment, but it has other styles and uses. It can be a simple fabric and cut, such as cotton or silk, that can be worn under anything from sweaters to suit jackets, providing you will not be removing your jacket. Depending on the fabric, cut and style, the camisole can sometimes be worn on its own.

Spaghetti Strap Shirt

This style of shirt is a popular summertime shirt and is often casual. The spaghetti strap shirt can be worn on its own or with a light sweater or a shrug–a light or jacket sweater that is open in the front and often has unique sleeves. It is usually a light fabric and often has a unique pattern or design and very skinny, spaghetti straps. This style of shirt can be worn with jeans, shorts and skirts.

Tank Shirt

The tank shirt is worn as active wear. Women wear this style of shirt to exercise or with jeans for a casual event. Many women who exercise appreciate this style of shirt since it has no sleeves and wide straps, so it keeps them cool and is still secure and can conceal the straps of their support bras.


This classic item of clothing is most surely in every woman’s closet or dresser drawer and is usually worn for casual events with jeans. There is a reason that the phrase “jeans and T-shirt” flows so readily from our fashion vocabulary; it is the easiest, most affordable and most comfortable combination for women to throw on and still look fantastic.


The tunic is a loose-fitting and often silky, flowing garment that hangs below the waist and sometimes well below the waist to the knees. The tunic can be worn with pants or a skirt. Its history goes back to ancient Greece, but is alive and well in modern women’s fashion.

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