Young woman in a cowboy outfit posing for the camera
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You don't need to ride horses or chew tobacco to be country chic. For women, the Wild West is all about making a fashion statement with cowgirl-inspired pieces. These pieces may already be part of your everyday wardrobe -- timeless, practical pieces that can also be worn for non-Western looks.


No cowgirl outfit is complete without denim. Both light and dark denim are cowgirl reminiscent and work for any season.

  • Spring/Summer-- warmer weather calls for denim skirts. The best style for a cowgirl inspired look is a basic, straight cut that falls to just above the knees -- one that is fitted but still comfortable, that hugs your hips without feeling too tight.

  • Fall/Winter-- a comfortable pair of denim jeans in your style of choice will have you covered in colder weather. Straight leg and boot-cut options are the most popular for Western wear.

Also try denim pieces like vests or jackets. Wear a denim vest over a printed button-down and denim bottoms, or keep the top part of your look Western, and wear khakis on the bottom. For a totally different look, wear a denim vest over a girlie dress. Denim jackets are timeless pieces that span all seasons and can be worn with non-Western outfits. For a country-inspired look, wear your denim jacket over a Western-style shirt and denim bottoms.


Plaid is a common print worn by cowgirls. While it's popular for Western wear, it can also be worn with non-Western pieces. A few defining traits of plaid give it a country feel.

  • Color-- red plaid and blue plaid are typical with cowgirl attire. The patriotic vibe that the colors give off puts them in Western territory.

  • Fabric-- you don't want to wear flannel during the summer, but when the weather is cold, cowgirls are known for their flannel shirts. Choose cotton for the spring and summer.

  • Fit-- sometimes younger women wear a plaid shirt and tie a knot at the bottom like a crop top to show off the midriff. This works for a summer BBQ, but if you don't want to show off those abs, a fitted plaid button down works.


Every cowgirl will agree that no ensemble should go without funky, fabulous fringe. It should be worn in moderation, however. Choose one fringe piece for your cowgirl-inspired ensemble, to avoid a rodeo queen look.

  • On a Vest-- top your Western look with a vest that has fringe. Choose any fabric and style you want, as long as some fringe is dangling down. Balance out the look with dressier pieces such as a timeless pencil skirt.

  • On Denim-- a denim skirt or pair of jeans with some fringe on the side is very cowgirl-esque. Complement the fringe denim with classic pieces like bold colored dressy tops or ones made from feminine fabrics like lace.

  • On Boots-- those boots were made for walkin', and they'll add some cowgirl elements to your step with fashionable fringe adorned upon them. Pair your boots with a little black dress for a classic, yet edgy look.


Add leather accessories to your cowgirl-inspired look.

  • Belts-- add a leather belt to your denim, and step up your cowgirl look a notch by finding one with a belt buckle that has a Western design.

  • Boots-- a classic pair of leather boots will complete your cowgirl outfit. Choose basic black or brown, and keep the height at or below the knees.

  • Hats-- adorn your head with a leather cowgirl hat to easily incorporate leather into your look.

  • Wrist Cuffs-- instead of a bracelet or bangle, choose a leather wrist cuff to look country chic.