Cowboy Boots

Line dancing is a great way to have fun with friends and meet new people. But if you've never done it before, you might not know how to dress. Fortunately you have a wide array of options, ranging from cowboy boots to skirts that whirl. The key is to throw in a splash of Country Western spice without overdoing the look.

Start with the right footwear. Pull on cowboy boots if you have a pair. Fringed moccasin-style boots are a good alternative if you don't own the typical Western style ones. You can also buy special line dancing shoes, made by Topline, that lace up and have a small heel. These shoes are a good investment if you go line dancing frequently.

Zip into your favorite jeans. Denim with Western detail is also a good option. Women might want to wear a skirt that moves as they twirl. Fringed leather is always a safe bet. You can also find Country Western style flamenco dancer dresses for extra pizazz.

Bring on the fringe when you select a shirt. Cowboy shirts like the classic Brookes & Dunn are always a good option. Women wearing skirts often pair them with a peasant style top. If you feel like you've already gone overboard with the Western look with your other articles of clothing, a simple white tee or button down is fine.

Top off your look with a cowboy hat, if you have one. Bandanas are another option, tied around your neck or over your head.

Accessorize with leather cowboy belts slung low around the hips. Make sure the belt has a big, Western theme buckle. Women can wear dangly earrings with a Tex-Mex look--but if they have long hair worn loose, they might want to stick to turquoise studs, since hair and dangle earrings can get tangled during all of that turning around.


  • If you don't feel like taking the Country Western plunge for your line dancing experience, jeans and a tee or button-down with sneakers is perfectly acceptable.