How to Dress Like 70s Fashion

By Rebekah Brooks

Fashion from the '70s made a comeback in the '90s and has been sticking around ever since. The fashion of the '70s was all about color, exaggerated shapes and Bohemian styles. The trick to wearing '70s clothing without looking as if you are wearing a costume is to make your outfit look retro but modern at the same time. Mixing '70s clothes, such as those suggested below, with modern clothes can help give an outfit a '70s-inspired look without looking dated. Choose fabrics that were popular in the '70s such as cotton, denim and polyester and wear bright bold colors such as green, orange and yellow.

70's fashion was all about color.
Bell-bottoms are usually denim.

Step 1

Wear bell-bottom pants. Bell-bottoms are fitted through the waist and hips and flare out dramatically below the knee. They are also sometimes referred to as boot-cut pants and are usually made out of denim but can also be made out of other fabrics such as twill or rayon.

High waisted pants come up higher than most.

Step 2

Select a pair of high-waisted pants. Bell-bottom pants are sometimes also high-waisted, though not always. High-waisted pants come up a few inches higher than regular pants and reach your natural waistline.

Tent dresses are usually sleeveless and short.

Step 3

Wear a tent dress. Tent dresses are large, loose dresses that are usually sleeveless and have an overly exaggerated A-line silhouette. They are usually worn very short to compensate for the large volume of the dress.

Step 4

Choose a prairie dress. Prairie dresses, once worn by pioneer women on the prairie, made a comeback in the '70s and are usually made from floral fabric that is loosely gathered around the waist and neckline. They often have ruffles on the hem and are decorated with lace and ribbons.

Peasant blouses have a loose fit.

Step 5

Pair a peasant blouse with bell-bottoms pants. Peasant blouses are made from cotton, linen or gauze and are loose and billowy. They are gathered around the neckline and waistline and sometimes have bell-shaped sleeves or loose billowy sleeves.

Empire-waist dresses can be any length.

Step 6

Wear a floral empire-waist dress. Empire-waist dresses are made out of many types of fabrics and are gathered under the bust with a belt or elastic to emphasize the waistline and bust. Empire-waist dresses can be sleeveless or sleeved and range in length from mini-dress length to floor length.

Platform shoes have made a comeback.

Step 7

Pair outfits with platform shoes or sandals. These types of shoes were popular in the '70s, and sandals are still popular today while platform shoes have just recently made a comeback. Wearing these shoes will give your outfit a distinctive '70s flair.