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The fashion of the '70s is pretty timeless at this point. Flowy bohemian styles and bold colors made a comeback in the '90s, and they've continued to be championed by designers and starlets ever since. The trick to wearing '70s styles without looking like you're wearing a costume is to mix in modern touches.



Bell-bottoms are fitted through the waist and hips and flare out below the knee, creating a dramatic, yet flattering silhouette. They're usually made out of denim but can also come in other fabrics like twill or rayon. Go with a high-waisted pair for an ultra feminine look. Wear them with tucked-in T-shirts and edgy boots to give them a modern flair.

Peasant Blouses

Peasant Blouse

Peasant blouses are loose and breezy tops made out of cotton, linen or gauze. They're gathered around the neckline and waistline and sometimes have bell-shaped or billowy sleeves. Balance them out with a pair of skinny jeans or a pencil skirt.

Tent Dresses

Tent Dress
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Tent dresses have an exaggerated A-line silhouette. They're usually sleeveless and super short to balance the large volume of the dress. They look great with flats or ankle boots.

Prairie Dresses

Prairie Dress
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Prairie dresses are usually made from floral fabric that's loosely gathered around the waist and neckline. They often have ruffles at the hem and are decorated with lace and ribbons. They can definitely be a statement piece, so accessorize with a classic bag and ballet flats to keep the look fresh.

Empire Waists

Empire-waist dress
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Empire-waist dresses come in many types of fabrics (floral prints are the most '70s) and are gathered under the bust with a belt or elastic to emphasize the waistline and bust. They can be sleeveless or sleeved, and mini to floor length. They usually have a pretty classic look, so anything goes.

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes have made a comeback.
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Platform shoes and sandals were popular in the '70s and they still look fun and flirty now. Wear them with any of the above pieces for a retro look.