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Button-down shirts are a great staple in any wardrobe. They're an incredibly versatile piece that can easily be dressed up and down. Button-down shirts are a perfect addition to dressed-up pants, but while you can tuck them into pants, you don't necessarily have to.

Tucked In

A button-down tucked into slacks is a perfectly fashionable look. It can give you a shape if you have a more boyish frame. It's also an ideal look for work. It can be very clean and polished while still looking professional. Add a pair of pumps to finish off your look. Make it more fun by opting for a brightly colored or printed pair of slacks, or stick with neutral shades.

Other Options

Slacks aren't the only thing your tucked-in button-down shirt will work with. Dress up jeans by tucking in a button-down blouse. Add pumps or sandals if it's warm. Button-downs also work tucked into skirts. A mini skirt is made more casual with a button-down blouse, while a longer skirt is another perfect alternative for work. Any cut works. Pencil skirts are ideal for ladies looking to create a shape, while A-line skirts work well for hourglass and pear shapes. If you want to be a little bit dressy and a little bit sexy, try a cute pair of shorts, tuck in a button-down and add heels for an instant night-out look.


Wearing your button-down untucked can be just as chic. Skinny jeans and other fitted silhouettes have more balance with an untucked blouse. This also works with slacks. Just stick to ones that are straight leg to keep the look neat. If you're worried about a skinnier leg widening out your frame, add a pair of heels, which will instantly lengthen and slim you.

Deciding Base on Body Type

Body type can play a part when deciding whether to tuck or untuck. If you're wider in the middle, you may want to opt for a flowy, long button-down which pairs well with a straight leg. If you want to define your waist, tuck your blouse in, and belt it. Straight-up-and-down silhouettes can tuck their blouse into a straight leg to give the illusion of more of a shape. If you're curvier, opt for a wide-leg bottom or flowy skirt to balance things out.