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Some dresses run large, and even the smallest size is baggy on a petite frame. Others come in patterns too cute to pass up even if your size isn't available. For reasons like these, you probably have at least a few dresses in your closet you can't bear to part with even though they're too big. Make your baggy dresses more flattering so they don't have to hang lifelessly in your closet any longer.

Belt It

Add a belt as a quick fix for your ill-fitting dress. Wear the belt at the smallest part of your waist to highlight your curves.

Choose a narrow belt if you are shorter or have a short torso, as it will elongate your body. Choose a wider belt if you are tall of have a long torso.

Pick a solid-colored belt if your dress is patterned or if you'd like to keep it chic and simple. Wear a patterned belt with a solid-colored dress if you'd like to spice it up a little.

Sew It

Put on the dress inside out.

Stand in front of a mirror. Pin each side of the dress while you're wearing it to create an hourglass shape around your waist and hip area. Pin both sides evenly.

Remove the dress. Sew along the pins to create a new seam. Remove the pins. Trim the extra fabric off the sides of the dress.

Embrace It

Wear layers of necklaces. A chunky pendant with long beaded necklaces will give your baggy dress a bohemian look, drawing attention away from the fit of the dress.

Add a braided headband to continue with the bohemian look. Embracing the dress for what it is will give you an air of confidence and an eye-catching style.

Complete the look a pair of simple sandals if the weather permits. If it's cold outside, you can achieve the effect with patterned tights and slouchy boots.