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Many people have areas of their body they don't like. Whether you have wide hips, a small chest, short legs or excess belly fat, there are things you can to camouflage these areas. The same goes for people with a long torso. Next time you go clothes shopping, arm yourself with the knowledge of what types of clothes to purchase that will flatter your body type. Texture, color, fabric and patterns all influence the outcome of your overall look.

Wear horizontal lines on top because horizontal lines create the illusion of a shorter torso. Avoid vertical lines as these elongate your torso even more.

Wear light to medium colored tops and dark colored skirts or pants. Contrasting colors create a horizontal line at your waist, making your upper body look shorter. Don't wear a matching colored top and bottom as this streamlines your body and the uninterrupted color lengthens your appearance.

Purchase clothing that is of a moderately stiff, loose, dull texture because these hide figure irregularities. Avoid clothes that are of a soft texture, shiny fabric and tight fit because these accentuate your body including your figure irregularities.

Wear long pants or skirts with vertical lines and choose shoes with a medium-to-high heel. By lengthening your lower body, you withdraw attention from your upper body. It also helps balance out your figure.

Tuck in your top to cut your long torso short. Wear a belt or a short jacket or wear pants with a high waistline to achieve the same effect.

Wear earrings, necklaces or scarves to draw attention away from your torso and toward your face and shoulders.