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There are many reasons for why someone would want to hide weight loss. Whether you have lost weight due to chemotherapy or are recovering from an eating disorder, you may not want to be open about your weight loss. It can seem difficult, but it is important to keep in mind that it isn't impossible to hide weight loss. Luckily, there are many things that you can do to hide signs of weight loss.

Select outfits that mainly consist of light colors. Dark colors are known to be slimming. Black, navy blue, maroon and other dark colors will help people notice how thin you are looking. Selecting white and light shades of yellow, pink, green, beige and blue will help create a curvier appearance.

Wear the right sized pants. If you are wearing pants that are too large, wear a belt. Because pants that are much too loose for you will allow people to see that you have lost weight. Also keep in mind that when choosing jeans, a light wash is a better option if you want to hide weight loss.

Select the right jeans style. Women should avoid skinny or straight-leg jeans because they enhance the length and size of your legs. Jeans with a slight flare or boot cut are a better option if you want to hide that you have lost weight in your legs. Also try to avoid jeans that are tight in the butt, or have embroidered pockets.

Choose baggier clothing styles. Clothes that are form-fitting accentuate curves. If you have lost weight, it will be easier for those around you to notice when you are wearing snug clothing styles. Baggy T-shirts, in particular, will do a much better job at hiding your weight loss.

Layer your clothing. If it's not too hot, wear as many layers as you can. Wearing a camisole, a tank top, a T-shirt and a sweatshirt can add the appearance of extra pounds. This really only applies to the upper half, however, as it is difficult to layer clothing on the lower half of your body.

Wear patterned clothing whenever possible. Plaid and horizontal stripes both emphasize your curves. They draw a lot of focus to width, as there is a pattern that is going across your body. Floral patterns make you look heavier than solid clothing.

Avoid doing anything to make your skin look more tan. Those who spend hours in the sun, use tanning beds or apply self-tanning products to look darker also tend to look thinner. If you are trying to hide your weight loss, it is best to try to get back to your natural skin tone.


  • Avoid wearing heels because they make you look taller and, as a result, thinner. Try to emphasize a particular feature, such as your breasts. A push-up bra and low cut shirt will draw attention away from your weight loss.