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Concealing a bloated tummy requires smart styling techniques and some attention to your choice of undergarments. Whether bloating appears high on the waist or lower towards the pelvis, you can hide swelling with the right outfit. Counteract irregular bloating without purchasing a larger wardrobe. Keep a few clothing items on hand for camouflaging a rounded belly. Style experts suggest shifting the fashion focus away from your belly by drawing attention to other areas of your body.

Put on shapewear like slimming panties with tummy control or a control top girdle. Pay attention to the size of the garment; avoid buying a size too small. Your shapewear should minimize the appearance of a protruding stomach but not cause you pain.

Wear hip hugging pants or jeans made from stretchy fabric. You should avoid wearing high-waist or low-cut jeans which draw attention to the midsection. Try dark colored jeans and pants. If you experience abdominal discomfort with the swelling, choose pants that have an elastic waist for easier wear. Choose pants that have a narrow cut leg to enhance the illusion of a slimmer lower body.

Pick out a feminine looking top that flows over the torso: A blouse that flares under the breasts to the waist in solid colors, or if you prefer patterns, choose a blouse with vertical stripes or small dots. Try a flouncy tank style top and pair it with a shrug or a short jacket in a complementary color.

Draw attention up toward the neckline and away from the tummy by adding a colorful necklace to your ensemble. Choker style and longer necklaces make good choices too. Position a floral pin on a jacket shoulder or attract attention by adding a colorful scarf to your neckline.

Try a tunic dress with three quarter sleeves and knee-length hemline. Pick a lightweight fabric like cotton and avoid fabrics that cling like polyester. A-line and empire waist dresses also draw the eye away from the midsection.


Stay away from shiny fabrics that can make you appear heavier around the middle.