Woman wearing high heeled shoes
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Women with large calves or big ankles can slim their look by wearing high-heeled shoes. The right heel style can elongate the legs and minimize the size of your ankles. You should avoid shoes that have an ankle strap; this shoe type will draw attention to your ankles. Flat shoes and low heels do not flatter wide legs and ankles either, so avoid these types of footwear. Whenever you plan to sport heels, reduce your salt intake. Too much salt causes water to pool around the feet, triggering swelling.

Wear shoes that have details on the toes such as rhinestone accents or bows. This will draw the eye away from your ankles. Do not wear high heels with ankle straps except for Mary Jane-style shoes. These types of shoes have a low strap with a center strap that divides the foot.

Try a pair of open-toed heels with a medium to high heel. Sling-backed or open-backed heels give the illusion of longer legs, too.

Consider wearing a shoe that has a chunky heel such as platform wedges. Wearing shoes with a heel that is too thin will accentuate wide ankles. Find shoes that have a medium to thick heel for the best look.


Don't be afraid to wear shoes with bold patterns.