How to Dress With Bow Legs and Ugly Knees

By Kathleen Murphy

Bow legs and ugly knees can be fashion nightmares, but there are ways to flatter your figure and still be on-trend. Bow legs result when the femur and tibia bones curve outward or extend up to the thighs, causing an unattractive space between the knees. Whatever the degree of the bowing or whether your knees are chubby or bony, fashionistas have ways to draw attention to other areas of your body.

Long, full pants and jeans are flattering if you have bow legs or ugly knees.

Step 1

Avoid capris and Bermuda shorts if you have bow legs or ugly knees. Stretch jeans or vertical-stripe tights are also styles to avoid. Draw attention away from your bowed legs or ugly knees by choosing a flared skirt or wide pants. Choose dark colors and make sure your hose or tights are in matching tones.

Step 2

Wear pants that are long but not too fitted. The idea is to draw the eye away from the knee or the shape of the leg. Pair your long jeans or dressy trousers with heels to elongate your legs.

Step 3

Avoid straight skirts that hit at the knee; they immediately draw the eye to the area you're trying to disguise. Miniskirts and tight-fitted skirts also draw unwelcome attention to the area. The better fashion option is a mid-calf-length skirt.

Step 4

Choose longer skirts that are full or flowing; they cover a multitude of flaws. Choose a soft, flowing skirt in an A-line cut to hide the area. This is on-trend for fall fashion.

Step 5

Select the right footwear to help disguise your bow legs. High heels may be all the rage, but they're not flattering if you have bow legs. Stilettos draw attention to the outward curve of the leg; flat shoes are a bad fashion choice for the same reason. Fashion experts recommend mid-height heels. Look for cute boots to pair with your longer skirts or pants.