back view of young red-haired girl on beach

How to Dress to Hide a Big Butt. It doesn't take a perfect figure to look good. The key is knowing which garments work for which body type. Follow the tips below if you're dressing to hide a big butt.

Wear pants that are bootleg or flare at the bottom. Pants tapering at the bottom only draw attention to the size of a behind. Flaring at the bottom draws the eye away from problem areas.

Wear solid colors on the bottom. Dark colors especially minimize the appearance of a large butt. Patterns of any kind only draw attention. Dark, solid colors give a slimming appearance.

Have tops that are hip-length. Tops ending at the hipbone visually break the figure down in a different place from the natural waistline, and minimize a large behind.

Draw the eye up away from problem areas by wearing tops that are flashy. Wear bright colors, busy patterns, or shiny attention-grabbing materials.

Broaden shoulders visually to better balance the figure. This makes the butt seem smaller. Do this by wearing necklines that visually broaden, like square necklines and boat-necks. Shoulder pads also do the trick as long as they are slight and natural-looking to avoid dressing out-of-style.

Avoid wearing pants with high waistlines. Lower waistlines visually break down the behind and minimize the appearance of the size.

Wear A-line skirts. This is the same concept as wearing flared or boot-leg pants. The fullness at the bottom flows nicely over a large behind.