How to Dress to Minimize a Large Stomach. Fashions may change, but the look best suited to your body type will always allow you to dress with confidence. A few simple fashion tricks can minimize your tummy bulge and make fretting over your midsection a thing of the past.

Concentrate on using clothes to direct attention away from your stomach and toward your upper body and legs. Accessorize your neckline or choose tops with patterns or embroidery above the breasts.

Choose pants that have a narrow or tapered leg. Flat front, side and back zips will complement your figure, while pockets, pleats and tight pants will only draw attention to your mid section. Leggings and stirrup pants are great, provided they are not too tight.

Select full skirts that do not gather at the waist. Straight or slim skirts will narrow the silhouette of your lower body, creating the illusion that your overall line is slimmer.

Wear tunic-style tops and sweaters; they're flattering, yet spacious. Select square shape jackets, as they are roomy and cover the stomach.

Look for generous sheath dresses that create a column line from your shoulders to your lower leg. This style gives the illusion that your shape is more linear.

Avoid any clothing combination that defines your waist, including any belted or drawstring looks.


Designs or details around the cuff of your pants will draw an admirer's attention down your leg and away from your stomach.