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Nearly everyone has some body feature that they dislike. With a variety of styles, you can camouflage your less-than-desirable proportions with clothing that covers them or that emphasizes other areas. If you have large arms, you may prefer a dress style with at least a partial sleeve to cover part of your arm, but not all sleeves flatter larger arms.


If you hate your arms, sleeves are probably your biggest concern on any dress. While long sleeves will hide your arms, you don't have to limit yourself to them. A loose, flowing three-quarter sleeve with lace or other detailing on the end draws attention away from your arms. A cap sleeve may hide part of your upper arm, but some fashion mavens claim that it calls attention to your arm by cutting right across the largest part. Choose sleeves that end at the thinner part of your arm, such as batwing or fluted sleeves. Avoid billowing or puffy sleeves, which draw attention to your arms.

Going Sleeveless

Some wedding-dress shop owners believe that a strapless dress can flatter even large arms, according to Racked. Others also believe that a narrow strap that shows your shoulder bone is more flattering to a large arm than a short sleeve that lands in the middle of the largest part of the arm.


A dress with a wider bottom than top, such as an A-line dress or a pleated dress will draw eyes away from your arms. A V neckline also pulls the eyes away from your arms. A tailored dress is more likely to fit tightly around your arms and to be made from a stiffer fabric that hugs your arms. Material that conforms to your arms makes them more noticeable. If you go sleeveless or with a spaghetti strap, make sure your dress isn't too tight under the arm. A dress that's too tight will create bulges and draw attention back to your arms.


Tight knit or other clingy fabric or stiff fabrics will outline large arms and make you feel like you have sausages hanging from your shoulders. Choose light, airy, loose and flowing material on the arms. Choosing a color similar to that of your natural skin tone will also give less contrast between your dress sleeve and skin. A dark colored sleeve may draw more attention to your arm, due to the color contrast.