Espadrille is a term used to denote a style of shoes in which the sole is made from sturdy rope. The upper part of the shoe, as well as the height of the sole, can vary wildly. Generally thought of as summer footwear, espadrilles add a touch of casual elegance to nearly any outfit.

Slide the espadrilles onto your feet. Make sure the fit is comfortable, and the soles do not aggravate your feet. It is perfectly acceptable to add comfort insoles to the shoes to make them easier to wear.

Consider wearing socks if it is a chilly day. Fashion consensus says that full length socks do not compliment espadrilles. Consider a pair of ankle or no-show socks. You may also choose to deliberately defy this fashion "rule" and wear a pair of socks that compliments or contrasts with the color of the espadrilles.

Wear high heeled espadrilles with a bare foot or nude stockings. These dressier styles of espadrilles are often embellished enough on their own that they do not require any additional adornment in the form of patterned socks or stockings.


Espadrilles are not just for women. They are, in their native country of Spain, considered unisex footwear.

Espadrilles come in a variety of colors, styles and embellishments. Experiment with coordinating your shoes to your outfit.


Take proper care of your feet, especially when wearing high-heeled or wedge espadrilles. These styles can put a strain on your feet, legs and back, and are best reserved for special occasions as opposed to everyday wear.