How to Select Shoes to Wear With a Knee-Length Skirt or Dress. Knee-length skirts and dresses are perfect for business occasions, sassy for an evening out and practical for a summer party. Your shoes will vary for every occasion.

Consider where you'll be wearing your outfit. For a casual job, loafers and flats are excellent choices. For a dressier job, stick with pumps. Go out on the town in strappy, high-heeled sandals. When attending summer parties, opt for the more casual wedge-heeled sandal.

Choose color wisely. Black is a business standard. Navy is most appropriate when worn with a navy outfit. A rich medium brown will casually complement all tan, navy and black-toned ensembles.

Play with the color of your leisure time shoes. Contrast your black evening attire with a bright red or hot pink shoe. Or coordinate the color of your top with the color of your shoes.

Wear knee-high boots in the winter months to keep warm. Because this look can shorten the appearance of the leg, give short legs a lift with a slight heel.

Balance the weight of your garment with that of your shoes. Lightweight fabrics like silk and linen are best accessorized with lightweight leather and microfiber shoes. Heavier leather shoes will balance thicker skirts.

Remember that suede is considered more casual than leather, and patent leather will dress up your spring ensembles.


When venturing out in sandals, remember your toes! Touch up toenail polish, and ensure the color complements your outfit. When your good leather shoes get caught in the rain or land in a puddle, blot the excess moisture and air dry. Avoid drying them with any heat sources, as this will parch the leather and damage the shoe.