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You may think your boots only go with casual outfits. Boots of all silhouettes and styles certainly work well with laid-back clothing, but this versatile footwear has its place among semiformal attire, as well. While you will be hard-pressed to add a pair of ankle boots to a formal gown, those dressed up, in-between looks are often given a chic, modern energy simply by adding boots.

Cowboy Boots

If your style leans toward a bohemian-chic look or if your background is firmly rooted in the Southwest, a pair of cowboy boots might feel like the obvious choice for nearly any outfit. Fortunately, pairing cowboy boots with a semiformal dress creates an cute, down-to-earth appearance. Avoid wearing these rustic boots with heavier ensembles and instead combine them with lighter, more ethereal, hippie-inspired dresses for a soft, balanced vibe.

Ankle Boots

Of all the boots you can wear with semiformal attire, ankle boots will likely go the furthest in your wardrobe. A pair of black leather, patent leather or embellished, high-heel ankle boots perform double duty in your closet. Pop them on with a graphic dress and bare legs or a silky dress and black nylons. In your downtime and for more casual events, throw on the same boots with a pair of jeans and a blouse to get the most out of this footwear.

Knee Boots

Wearing a short dress during winter weather can present a problem even when you're cloaking your legs in opaque tights. For a little extra coverage and warmth as well as a chic addition to your look, consider knee boots. From boots that rise just under the knee to those that qualify as over-the-knee boots, go for luxe sueded or leather boots with slim heels for a dressier look. A semiformal dress with a feminine coat on top and knee boots below creates a cohesive outfit.

Lace-Up Booties

Sometimes the sleek, streamlined appearance of a pair of boots is too minimalistic for your otherwise detailed look. If you're wearing a dress decked out with ruffles or other ornamentation, a boot that follows suit is in order. Try out a pair of lace-up booties with interesting details, such as gently pointed toes, grommets, studs, a flared heel or contrast gold-tone hardware. From a not-too-formal suit to a beautiful dress with a Victorian-inspired high collar, lace-up booties add an extra dimension to your dynamic getup.