A black V-neck dress is one of the most flattering dress styles for any body shape. A V-neck flattens the tummy area, makes the neck appear longer and flatters the chest area. Whether you choose a low-cut V-neck or a higher cut, accessorize your dress with jewelry to emphasize your best features; simplicity is the key to maximizing this easy-to-wear style.

Things You'll Need

Purchase a simple necklace and two pairs of earrings to enable varied looks; choose one pair of studs and one dangly pair for variety. Simple necklace options include budget cubic zirconia, pearls and diamonds. Your V-neck dress can be worn for a formal affair, a cocktail dress or as dinner attire; mix and match jewelry for each occasion.

Wear a pair of dangly earrings with no necklace for formal wear. The V-neck looks especially stunning when there is nothing to detract attention from the neckline. If you’re going with a bare neckline, pair your dress with a pair of sparkly dangles for a graceful, feminine look.

Pair a simple necklace with a set of earring studs for a cocktail party or dinner engagement. Stay consistent; if you wear a pearl necklace, wear pearl studs. If you wear a diamond or cubic zirconia necklace, wear matching studs.

Purchase an off-black or cream shawl for cooler months. Wear jewelry with the shawl or wrap according to the occasion. If you must wear a coat over your V-neck dress, a simple black peacoat complements a V-neck dress without overwhelming.


  • It is acceptable to add a splash of color if you do not want to wear diamonds, cubic zirconias or pearls. Keep the eye-catching hues to minimum, however, to avoid detracting from the neckline.

  • Do not over-accessorize. The worst thing you can do for your look is to wear too much jewelry. If you are wearing a watch, skip the bracelets. If you are wearing a colorful, flashy necklace, skip the dangly earrings.