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With age comes fashion responsibility. Whether you have always sported the casual look, or you have never gone a day without a dress, style surely changes with age. However, change does not mean style has to go bad. Whether you’re twenty years old or eighty, there are styles that fit every type of woman. It’s all about finding the right fit for your personality, shape, and personal tastes.

Classic Business and Elegant Styles

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For those who prefer solid colors, stick with business and executive styles. The clothing ranges from black slacks to khakis. Use simple patterns and lines, creating fewer distractions. Instead of bright, crazy patterns, stick with single or double colors throughout your entire outfit. To spice up an outfit, add jewelry such as a pearl or simple diamond necklace. Add a simple bracelet to match your necklace, and add a touch of lipstick to an otherwise natural made-up face. Overdoing the makeup or accessories will make this look over the top and take away from the elegant appeal.

Trendy Yet Sophisticated

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If you are wanting to go out in style, no worries; no age can limit your creativity. Since many women retain their calves with age, wearing a skirt below the knee is an ideal length at any age, expresses femininity and is a flirty complement to any top. Going to a local clothing tailor with your favorite "going out" ensemble is a smart idea, as it can save the hassle with fitting the outfit and feeling great in it. Avoid clingy fabrics, but try to keep your figure highlighted in the clothing you wear. When purchasing dresses, look for those with sleeves or other features that hide body attributes you are not especially fond of.

Grab a Chic Hairstyle

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Reaching the age of 60 is monumental for some, prompting a change in hairstyle and lifestyle. If you’re thinking about changing your locks, some new inspirations may be in order. Some women prefer to lose the color in their hair and go natural, which is a completely acceptable and confident choice. If you want to color your hair, choose a slightly lighter shade than your usual, as your skin tone and texture change with age. Darker colors may age you more, so sticking with a more natural look will help your skin appear younger. With the right attitude, any hairstyle can look great on any woman if she is over 60.