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You may feel the urge to dress like a bad girl for many reasons. Perhaps you've had enough of your "good girl" persona, perhaps it's Halloween, or maybe you just want to change your appearance. Whatever the case, dressing like a bad girl is simple and only requires the right wardrobe and accessories. Remember, you don't necessarily have to adopt a bad girl personality to go with the image.

Select a pair of shoes that your parents wouldn't likely find appropriate. Depending on the exact image you wish to portray, you could wear high heels, tattered canvas running shoes or even army-style boots.

Wear blue, black or red jeans that are excessively tight and full of holes. While you can buy jeans that come with pre-cut holes, you can also cut holes in your own jeans or buy a old pair at a second-hand store to alter yourself. To ensure your bad image, wear the jeans low enough on your waist that your underwear is visible.

Choose a T-shirt, tank top or halter top that is revealing, or one that contains an aggressive or anti-social message. If you want to appear as a more risqué bad girl, a halter top that shows off your midriff is suitable. If you don't want to show any skin, a long T-shirt with a punk or heavy metal band logo is ideal.

Style your hair in a manner that older generations wouldn't appreciate. A bad girl may have dyed, spiked hair in a variety of colors, or may have an untidy "bed head" appearance.

Wear heavy makeup to help complete the bad girl look. If your outfit is primarily black, heavy black eye shadow and dark lipstick will suit your appearance. If your clothes are more risqué or colorful, use excessive amounts of sparkly makeup.


Different accessories will help add to your bad girl image. For example, if you enjoy getting piercings, get a piercing in your nose, eyebrow or even your lip or tongue. Wear a studded, gaudy necklace and bracelet to match.