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You've increased in status, wisdom, and yes -- age. While you may want to keep the first two attributes, many older women are happy to look younger than they are. The first step in achieving this is to take good care of your body -- get enough cardiovascular and strength-training exercise. The latter also helps prevent osteoporosis. Eat a nutritious diet, which will keep your skin glowing. Although you can't turn back the clock to your 20s, a 70-year-old can still look young.

Use the right makeup. Avoid caking your face in blush and eyeshadow -- a dead giveaway that you're trying to hide wrinkles. Choose an appropriate foundation that blends in with the back of your hand. Put on mascara that will make your eyes look bright and awake. Wear short, false lashes if your own lashes are thinning. Pick one or two of your best features -- such as high cheekbones or pretty eyes -- and highlight them.

Wear the right clothing. Avoid baggy or ill-fitting garments. Wear fitted clothing that is tailored for your body. Include in this ensemble an appropriate bra -- many women wear the wrong size bra and don't even know it; this causes them to slouch and can flatten their breasts, making them look older. Get a professional bra fitting at a department store, if needed.

Get a haircut or styling. Don't wear your hair too short or use a great deal of hairspray. Wear your hair in loose, light layers. Consider getting bangs -- either a fringe in front, or long and side-swept. Get a bob cut if you like wearing your hair short, but don't want to look older; bobs are always fashionable.

Sit up straight. Slouching and poor posture make you look older, and can be bad for your back.

Moisturize your skin. Dry skin looks gray and deepens the appearance of wrinkles. Use anti-aging moisturizer for your face, and also put it on your hands, neck and upper chest -- other areas that wrinkle easily.

Get plastic surgery if you want to look much younger than your age. Have a face-lift, brow lift, or breast lift to decrease the appearance of skin that wrinkles and sags.