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With tanning salons and spas everywhere, getting a tan has never been easier. But being bronzed just isn't for everyone. Some people prefer the pale, fair-skinned look. Makeup can help achieve this look, but there are also tricks and techniques that can help you look pale and fair without any messy makeup.

Stay out of the sun. Even a short time in the sun can make the fairest of us tan or burn. If you're naturally fair-skinned, limit your sun exposure and wear strong sunscreen whenever possible. You'll lower your risk of skin cancer and stay naturally pale.

Dye your hair. Make your skin look pale by dyeing your hair a dark shade. Black, dark red or deep brown hues will all contrast with your skin tone and make you look pale. Follow the directions and keep your hair line protected to avoid dyeing your skin by accident.

Wear colored contact lenses to change the color of your eyes to a darker shade. Dark brown, deep blue or intense green lenses can contrast with your skin sharply enough to make you look pale.

Use a moisturizer formulated to lessen the appearance of freckles and redness in the skin. These moisturizers and creams even out your skin tone, reduce any excess redness in your skin and give you a fair-skinned, natural look.

Change up your wardrobe. Wear dark clothes so your skin looks pale in contrast. Black works best, but if that's a little too stereotypically Goth for you, try dark red and navy blue. Opt for these colors instead of bright or warm shades, which add warmth to your skin. If you have warmly toned skin, wear black or blue instead of red. Red tones play up the tones in your skin and make you look less pale.


  • If you don't want to commit to hair coloring, dark wigs are always a fun option.