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Eye color usually changes naturally as we age, developing into lighter shades for some, and darker shades for others. Besides the color given to you by your genes, there are ways to modify or enhance your eye color with little to no effort. Learn a few tips to get the bold peepers you've always wanted.


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You cannot change the color of your pupils, but you may have noticed that your eye color seems to appear bolder or differently depending on what you wear. This is because, just as you can complement your individual hair color and skin color with your wardrobe, you can also dress to bring out the color of your eyes.

Bring out the blue in your eyes by wearing taupe, gray, violet or purple. These colors, when worn, enhance any shades of blue in your eyes. Eye makeup in these colors will also have this effect. To make your eyes deeper blue, use a shade of eyeshadow that is a darker blue than your natural eyes, or use black. For those who want a little flare, try wearing clothing or makeup in the shades of silver, turquoise, or fuchsia which will complement and appear to brighten blue naturally.

Naturally enhance your green or hazel eyes by wearing shades of brown, apricot or pinkish orange corals, and purples and plums. To darken or deepen your eyes, wear deep khaki or forest green or incorporate these colors into your eye shadows. For a more dramatic look, wear gold, lime or pale greens, and bright purple.

Brown eyes benefit from coppers, bronzes and all shades of metallic browns like champagne. Soft pinks or light corals also bring out browns, along with beige and khaki greens. Use the lighter shades to highlight the brown, and the darker shades to deepen it. For bolder enhancement, try wearing tangerine, royal blue, and hot pink, which add contrast, and brighten brown eyes in comparison.


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Colored contact lenses are a simple way to change your eye color, and in today's market, it is a safe and easy procedure to acquire them. A variety of colors are available, but the lighter eye colors don't always work for those with naturally dark eyes.

You should always visit an eye care professional to purchase colored lenses, and if you wear contacts already, some are available with your prescription. Your eye professional will give you samples to try on and inform you of which colors are possible for you, and which are not. Have a look at the sample colors in the references section to get an idea of what colors might interest you.