How to Make Your Eye Color Darker

By Nicole Tibbs

There are only a few methods available to darken eye color. One popular and fairly simple way to darken the eye is by wearing contact lenses. Using contact lenses to darken eyes is temporary, and it gives individuals time to decide if they wish to proceed in having surgery to change the color of the iris. Surgery is typically a last resort and used by those with two different colored eyes or a lack of eye color, though it is a cosmetic option.

An optometrist is the person to see for changing your eye color.

Visit a doctor in order to obtain a contact lens prescription. This is necessary under U.S. law for people with impaired vision or those wishing to purchase colored contact lenses that do not have a need for corrective lenses.

Place an enhanced or colored contact lens over the iris to make it appear darker. Enhanced tints typically make the already existing eye color a shade darker. Pearlescent lenses also fall in this category, and they add sparkle to the eye.

Place a color tinted contact lens over the iris for an even bigger change in iris color. Color tints are more solid shades that can completely change eye color. There are a variety of color tints to choose from. Costume contact lenses are in the category of color tints, and these are the lenses that look very striking and are often used in movies or performances.