Though we're all born with a certain eye color, it doesn't mean we can't play with the shade. Although subtle, there are some natural ways to change up the appearance of your eye color. Tweaking your eye color doesn't require much money and can actually be done from the comfort of your own home.

  • Colored clothing
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Make-up

Wear clothes that accentuate the color of your eyes; sometimes this can enhance different colors in your eyes. For example, pigments in blue eyes can be accentuated with golds and browns, and pigments in greens can be shown with violets and lavenders. Brown eyes work well with greens and darker hues. Although it's not a drastic change, it is noticeable.

Experiment with different lighting because it can have an effect on your eye color. For example, brown eyes may appear green when they are seen in the sunlight. In fluorescent light, sometimes eye color appears more dull.

Try different makeup. If you have yellow, green, or amber pigments in your eyes, you can accentuate them with colored eye shadow, mascara, or eyeliners. Dark eye shadows can make light brown eyes appear much brighter. Green eyes really pop with violets and purples. The hidden pigments in blue eyes show up with gold eye shadow.

Add color to your home. Different colors surrounding you can accentuate certain pigments in your eyes, causing them to look lighter, brighter, and even darker. In homes, lavender will make green eyes stand out, golds and mellow yellows will make blue eyes appear brighter, and amber will help to accentuate hazel eyes.

  • Other procedures are possible such as eye tattooing (which is still in experimental stage, so use it at your own risk), contact lenses, and even a surgical procedure where a colored disk is placed under your eye.