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Dark colored eyes, like dark or medium browns, are beautiful and often have flecks of other lighter colors, such as green. There are a variety of factors which affect eye color, such as lighting in a room and makeup colors. It is not possible to permanently change your eye color, but there are ways to bring out lighter colors in dark eyes or make your eyes look lighter.

Put on foundation over your entire face, including the eye lids and under the eyes. This will hide any dark circles or imperfections in skin around the eyes. If the eyes are puffy, splash some cold water on the eyes before applying the makeup.

Select a light colored eyeshadow. The exact color will differ depending on the exact eye color and which colors you want to bring out. For example, use a light purple or plum to bring out green flecks or use a gray eyeshadow to bring up blue.

Line the eyes with black eyeliner. Line as close to the lash line as possible for the best results. Put on black mascara.

Put in light colored contacts. There are some contacts that can change very dark colored eyes because they have nanotechnology, which involves tiny particles inserted into the contacts that make the eyes look a different color, including making dark eyes, like dark brown, look like lighter colors, such as blue.