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Protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays make the difference between maintaining healthy eyes and having permanent eye damage. Without proper protection, ultraviolet rays from a tanning bed penetrate through your eyelids and damages the cornea, lens and retina. Cataracts and even blindness can eventually occur. Tanning goggles, which tanning salons are required by law to provide for their clientele, may cause raccoon eyes. A simple makeup application can help you get rid of these eye circles.

Find a waterproof foundation in the color of your tan or one shade lighter. The area underneath your eyes is lighter than the rest of your face, so going one shade lighter is optional.

Dot foundation on the circle around right eye. Pat and blend the liquid into your skin using your ring finger. Work your way around, covering the entire circle. Avoid rubbing and pulling the delicate skin around your eye. Blend the foundation with your tan, so no visible color difference is present. Allow the foundation to dry and set for two minutes. Repeat this process on your left eye.

Dust loose setting powder over the foundation to help seal and set it. Use a powder that's translucent or in a similar shade as your tan.

Avoid having to deal with raccoon eyes by preventing them. Slightly reposition your tanning goggles several times while tanning. Move around the tanning goggles' elastic band so this won't leave a tan line either.

Use disposable eye wear when tanning to avoid raccoon eyes. Disposable eye wear is only used once and is more hygienic than sharing goggles. The adhesive eye wear sticker is folded into a cone-shape and placed over your eyes. The cones take up less space than goggles do, so more skin around the eyes gets tanned.


Practice caution if you decide to use sunless tanning lotion to even out the tan around your eyes. Sunless tanning lotion used on your dry under-eye area is absorbed easily and may come out darker than the rest of your face.

When in a rush, a dusting of bronzing powder helps even out raccoon eyes.

Always wear eye protection when tanning, and never remove it during the tanning session.