Top view of different cosmetics products

When it comes to makeup application, there are countless tricks and tools of the trade. Eye brightener is a fantastic product that is used in addition to foundation primers and powders and can help you to create a professional makeup look. A few tips can help you get started with a brand new product.

Use eye brightener after you have applied foundation primer and foundation powder but before you begin working on your eyes. Remember that you should always wash your face with mild soap and warm water before beginning your makeup. You can also improve the quality of your skin and the look of your makeup by applying a skin toner and light moisturizer before beginning.

Squeeze a very small drop of eye brightener onto the back of your hand. A little goes a long way, so just a dollop will do. Eye brightener generally comes in small plastic tubes about the size of a stick of lipstick. The product is translucent; however, if you apply too much, it can affect the look of your other products.

Dip a small angled brush into the product and apply to the eye, beginning at the inside corner and working your way across the lid, below the lashes. Work the brightener into the skin with the tip of the brush.

Apply a touch more eye brightener under the eye if you happen to have dark circles or lines. Use the same application technique, making sure to work the product in as well as possible. The eye brightener will ensure that your eyes look bright and fresh.