How to Keep From Getting Black Makeup Under Eyes

By Kristle Jones

Dark eye makeup, especially the smoky eye look, is very popular. Getting that look can be frustrating, though, because powdered eye shadow tends to fall under the eyes and dark mascara runs and ends up under the eyes as well. You can, however, avoid getting black makeup under eyes by using just a few extra tools of the trade.


Step 1

Apply an eye shadow primer all over your eyelids before applying any eye shadow. This will help your eye color adhere better and stay put. Eye shadow primer should be a part of any makeup routine, according to

Step 2

Dust an additional layer of translucent loose powder underneath your eyes before you apply any eye makeup, especially black makeup. The additional layer of translucent loose powder will act as a removable barrier to eye makeup.

Step 3

Put a folded piece of tissue paper against your skin underneath the eye area while you apply your eye shadow. This will catch any loose makeup that falls so that black makeup doesn't fall under your eyes.

Step 4

If any black makeup has fallen on your under-eye area, dust it away, along with the extra translucent loose powder, with a large fluffy makeup brush.

Step 5

Apply waterproof mascara to your eyelashes as a finishing touch. Waterproof mascara is smudge proof, rain proof and tear proof, so should not run once dry. Sacha Cosmetics suggests using tissue to wipe excess mascara off the application wand before applying mascara to prevent smudging.