Young woman having powder applied image by Maksim Tselishchev from Fotolia.com

The BareMinerals makeup brand uses a lid over powdered products called “Click, Lock, Go” so that powder in the compact or makeup container does not spill. The lid seals up the holes in the powdered makeup to enable transport without spilling. You can open products with the “Click, Lock, Go” feature easily.

Open the lid by turning it toward the left. Remove the small plastic tab that comes with the makeup to prevent the powder from spilling before purchase. Pull the tab up and throw it away.

Apply the makeup. It starts out in the open position. Twist the plastic top to the right on the “Click, Lock, Go” until it covers the hole.

Open the “Click, Lock, Go” system by turning the plastic top to the left. It will unlock and twist open to uncover the holes in the lid to allow the use of makeup.