How to Adjust Makeup After Tanning. The color of your skin changes every time you go tanning so you must adjust how you wear your makeup. The adjustments are easy to do, but may take some time to get used to if you have been applying your makeup one way for a long period of time. Keep a few key points in mind and your face will look flawless.

Forgo the foundation. One of the main reasons why people tan is to get that summer "glow" and putting foundation on your face will quickly kill that glow.

Apply a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers will even out any blotchiness on your face that occurs naturally or as a result of tanning. It will also keep your skin smooth and silky.

Use a bronzer instead of blush. Blush is often one-dimensional and comes off looking flat. Using a bronzer will help you maintain a sun-kissed glow.

Go for a pale shade on your lips. Lip gloss with a tint of color looks fresh and natural. Dark shades will make your face look overdone. Ditch the lip liner as well.

Lighten up your eye shadow. Instead of weighing down your eyelids with a heavy shade of eye color, choose a pretty pale pink or a warm peach color.

Switch your eyeliner. If you use black eyeliner and just can't give it up, switch to a shade lighter, like a charcoal color or a deep warm brown.


When adjusting your makeup after tanning, use a light touch. The goal is to enhance your natural features, not to create new ones.


Wait a few hours before applying make-up after tanning. Skin is extra sensitive after you roll out of the tanning bed, so it is best to wait a while before applying makeup to avoid skin irritation.